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Celebrities, Social Media Influencers, Artists, Photographers and Bloggers, are welcomed to join our affiliate program. Start making extra money as soon as your application is approved. Use the great content that you had created to make extra money. We've got you covered!

Apply to become Jillian&Jacob Gemstones Affiliate today!
 How Much Can I Make?
We Give Our Partner 20% Commission of the total Selling Price. 



What Is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting a brands products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. 

What is a Commission?

  • A commission is the percentage of the sales price that you will earn if a customer purchases a product via your unique Referral URL. For example, if someone you direct to our site purchases a Jillian&Jacob Gemstones priced at $100, you will earn a 20% commission. That means you will earn $20.

How Does A Commission and Discounts Works?

  • When Jillian&Jacob Gemstones has sales or rewards customers with discounts, Affiliates will still receive a 20% commission. If a gemstones is regularly priced at $100 but its sale price is $80, a referring affiliate will receive $16 from the sale.

What is A Referral Url or Referral Unique Link?

  • Every Affiliate that is approved to join the Jillian&Jacob Gemstones Affiliate Program will receive a Unique Referral URL.
  • Your referral URL will look similar to this:
  • When a fan of yours clicks this link and lands on a Jillian&Jacob Gemstones page, the affiliate's ID (1 in the example above) is stored in a cookie, within the customer's browser. If the customer makes a purchase, you will be awarded a commission on the sale.

How Can I Check My Earning?

  • Once you had successfully apply as an affiliate and approved by us, we will send you an email with the url where you can log into your personal affiliate panel. From there you can track your earning and progress.
  • Please remember the url or keep the email send by us. (Check your spam folder if you didn't receive the url from us.)

What are the ways we can use the Referral URL?

    • For this example, we will use Affiliate I.D 1.
    • If your Referral number (also known as affiliate I.D) is "1" then your Referral URL will look like this :
  • Adding your Referral URL (?aff=1) at the end of any page will automatically track the customers you referred to our site. You can add your Referral URL to any page. Here are some examples :
  • You can put your Referral URL onto any page! Even blog posts! Your Referral URL is how we track the sales you helped make so use it as often as you would like. Knock yourself out!

How Do I Collect My Earning? 

  • Payments are bi-monthly and are scheduled to be sent on the 15th and the last day of every month. We use Paypal to pay affiliates for their hard work! If you do not have paypal, we suggest signing up. It is a safe and secure way to send and receive money. If you do not wish to use paypal, we also offer a bank transfer option. 

Where Can I Share My Referral URL?

    • For this example lets say your referral URL (also know as Affiliate I.D) is 1 and you want to share the Labradorite with your facebook followers. These are the steps you should follow.
    • 1. Grab the URL for the Labradorite Gemstones:
    • 2. Add your Referral URL to the end of the product URL : (You can shorten this long URL by using a free URL shortening service such as
    • 3. Right click on the product image and save it on your computer. 
    • 4. Go to facebook, write a post, make sure to add your Referral URL ( ) to the facebook post. This is how we will track the sales you make. Don't forget to also add the product image to the facebook post. People love images!
  • Grab Your Link & Share!
  • You can share on almost anywhere! 

What Are The DO NOT's Regarding My Referral URL?

  • DO NOT : Share your Referral URL on offensive and illegal websites.
  • DO NOT : Share content proclaiming to do so on behalf of
  • DO NOT : Save images and claim them as your own.
  • DO NOT : Make your own images with logos. 
  • DO NOT : Spam your fans. Be responsible with your Referral URL
  • Jillian&Jacob Gemstones reserves the right to block, remove, and cancel your Affiliate Membership at our own discretion. 

What Are The Do's Regarding My Referral URL?

  • DO : Make posts on popular social media websites and blogs. Share with family and friends on your personal profiles if you would like!
  • DO : Wear Jillian&Jacob Gemstones wherever you go! Snap photographs and take videos of you wearing the product. This can encourage fans to support you by clicking your links!
  • DO : Use the banners we provide in the Affiliate Dashboard. The banners contain up to date marketing tools for our affiliates! 
  • DO : Share your link in places you feel are relevant. We love nature so share our products with people like you and I! 
  • DO : HAVE FUN!